CRCA Scrap Bundle Manufacturer and Trader

Under the brand name Mungipa Corporation Indian Private Limited and Aditya Steel Pro (OPC) Private Limited through our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant strategically located in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

To provide a clean and consistent result, our CRC metal waste is meticulously cleaned and sifted to remove any impurities or pollutants. Whether our customers need small quantities for a one-time project or big volumes for ongoing manufacturing operations, we provide a range of grades and sizes to fulfill their demands.


The creation of construction materials, household goods, and automotive parts are a few of the frequent uses for CRC metal trash. Our customers may be sure that the CRC metal scrap we provide is of the finest caliber and will satisfy all of their needs.


Our fully functional yards are situated in accessible, linked areas. The necessary equipment, including heavy-duty vehicles, big storage and processing facilities, spectrometers, hydraulic baling press machines, shearing machines, hydraulics, magnets, cranes, and hydraulics, is available in our yards.

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Our manufacturing unit strategically located in Chikhali, Pune, India  where we have extremely powerful and cutting-edge facilities. Promoters, distributors, zonal managers, and other staff members are among our incredibly skilled and dedicated team members. Our items are distributed for different reasons and are sourced from multiple companies.

Our staff members are qualified to collaborate closely with clients to fulfill their precise needs and requests. We offer a large range of industrial scraps in bulk quantities for every kind of scrap. As the most reputable company in the industry, we have expanded to cover every corner of the country with the help of an accomplished workforce.

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